Calling Hong Kong 7"

by Supernova

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GR 10. There are actually at least four different covers to this record. Here's the story. When the Supernova artist Meka gave us the artwork for the original cover, it looked like the version above. But when our printer printed it, it gained on press significantly, and everything was really dark, the newsprint from behind the cover photo showed through, and it generally looked terrible. We had orders and I was impatient so some of those covers went out anyway. Meanwhile, we tried a printer across the parking lot from the Foundation Super Co/Goldenrod offices. Meka slightly changed the artwork and that printer did a version that wasn't dark but just didn't look good either. The green had somehow turned blue, the silver they were supposed to use as a fifth color or spot color didn't look right, the paper didn't feel good... We just sat on those covers for a while, and started work on version three, which we made 2500 covers of, since the record was selling well. The back cover of this version is in the Bonus Items section here. The cover photo finally looked good, the colors were right, the back cover photo of the band looked right... it took a while, but we finally had the covers for what was now a $1.75 record, since we'd had to pay for everything... So we sold that first run of 1,000 records on blue and clear vinyl, ordered more on black and blue and ran out of the first covers. And then I started ordering smaller runs to use some of the other covers. All in all I think we ended up selling about 4,000 of this record before the band blew up. Also, somewhere in there the band did a FanClub version of this record with a bunch of other pictures collaged on the cover and I gave them a bunch of records for that, too... so that's the fourth cover. I swore for years that I was going to bootleg all the original lineup records into a CD -- the new lineup was fine live but the songwriting without Hank just wasn't the same. Still love this band and their first five seven inches and songs from comps are all great. I was always surprised that the songs that they gave to Sympathy For The Record industry were a cover (The Gogos' How Much More, which is great) and live versions -- I think that record, if it had been other songs I think that Supernova could've propelled themselves into a huge underground sensation. Yeah, I said it. As it was, I'm thrilled that we did this record. A proud moment.


released January 1, 1995

Hank, Art, Dave.



all rights reserved


Goldenrod Records San Diego, California

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Track Name: Calling Hong Kong
Don't you wish we could play these guitars
But we know karate!
Punk rock just won't bring home the bacon
We sold out
Track Name: Supernova - Chewbaca (Original Version)
Chewy, is that you?