Big Brother Insert 7"

by Kinda Fat

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Kinda Fat is a couple of guys from the mid-90's Big Brother crew. This record was a "collaboration" between Goldenrod Records and Big Brother Magazine.

Here's the story from Mike Ballard, who played and sang on the record: "So funny, I forgot about that one. During a Big Brother road trip in like 1994, Jeff Tremaine, Rick Kosick and me jumped up on stage at a bar in Chicago, borrowed the band's equipment and played a set. Earl Parker was the only witness that I knew of that night. The next night we recorded that 7-inch. We never played again. Jeff and i did the vocals and Tom Miller did the drums 'cuz Kosick couldnt really play in the studio. That's so funny that anyone even remembered that record. Big Ups was a saying that Danny Meyer would say all day about everything. Welcome to Lindale was about the town where Joey Boy and his brother lived. "Welcome to Lindale, home of the inbred." If i remember right we did the whole record from writing to mixing in 2 hours or something."

From my perspective, which is now skewed twenty years or so later -- Tod and Ballard said "let's put a record in Big Brother." "OK" was my response, and before I knew it I was committed to Goldenrod's first "hip-hop" record. I say that in quotes because it's obviously not what most people would consider hip-hop. I liked it, except that having that particular record in Big Brother did absolutely nothing for us. I suspect that by the mid-nineties that most people who were reading Big Brother were not also record geeks.


released April 20, 1996

Tom Miller played drums. Bass and vocals by Mike Ballard. Jeff Tremain sung and maybe did some other stuff. Tod Swank drew the labels. There never really was a cover.



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Track Name: Intro/Welcome To Lindale
Welcome to Lindale, home of the inbred.
Track Name: Big Ups Dance Remix