4​-​song 7"

by Dodgeball

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Four songs by Dodgeball. I really liked this band and the songs stand the test of time to me thus far. Goldenrod also did a full length with Dodgeball called Hooray For Everything.


released April 20, 1996

Colin played guitar, Monica sang, Porter played bass and Mike played drums on this one.



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Goldenrod Records San Diego, California

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Track Name: Beans
Millions and millions of planets and you had to go and pick mine
There’s just no trying to escape your stupid games
So now I really want to stay

Where you can’t find me
Where you can’t find me
I’ll have to show you all my joy and my frustration
Where you can’t find me
Where you can’t find me
I’ll have to show you all my hate and my exuberation

I do not understand why it is that you cannot be my friend
After all it was your choice to leave

Billions and billions of chances
and I had to go and take yours
But that’s Ok cuz what comes around goes around
Then you’ll really want to stay
Track Name: A-Typical
I don’t understand what they’re saying when they’re talking about me
That could be pretty ugly
Do you consider yourself to be typical
I don’t

I can see you standing there staring at me
And you’re laughing’, what are you laughing’ at?
Or do you even know?
Just shut up and open your eyes
See me in my true light

One day you’ll realize
it’s the unknown that’s scar in’ you
Are you paranoid
The feeling that we might be laughing at you
So how can you permit yourself to be the judge of me
Tell me

I will not stand here and condone what is going on
Social protocol
Who could say what’s right or wrong
How would you like to be a clone
Not me
Track Name: Porchsong
You want to be just like one of them
and I know cuz you said so just the other day
What you wanna go and do that for

You want to be just like one of them
Playing it up just like marilyn monroe
Well do you think that’s gonna get you more

Don’t you know they’ll hurt you?
Then I’ll have to go and say I told you so
I just keep telling you over and over again
but you don’t listen to a single word I say

Now that you’re just like one of them
with your pomade and your wallet chain hanging to your knees
and the patch that says who you ain’t

Now that you’re just like one of them
You’re so unique ‘kept when you’re next to them
They’re all the same
What you wanna go and do that for
Track Name: Alone
Alone in her mind where does she hide
Does any know who closed the door for her?

Don’t know what to say for the eyes of a blue mind
This one so tremulous and dulcet
Afraid of the moment of contact with the real world

Don’t worry or bother, there’s nothing there
Not a cry will be heard for with persuasion
She’s just another shy girl

Who could know the secrets
The promises the punishments
But don’t look too deep for the answers
that aren’t acceptable in the real world